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  • Innovation, technical knowledge and experience in local industry


We know that experience is the greatest human teacher of all time. The most important category in experience is to use it and benefit from the work experience of the experienced. In Novin Sanatgar Industrial Group, the knowledge and experience management base is mainly responsible for maintaining and disseminating the experiences of the past for new staff, and considering this huge treasure, it always tries not to retest the experiences of the past.

Technical knowledge

The science, technology and technical knowledge of a successful craftsman flight wings. Technical knowledge, when combined with experience, creates power and leaps that become the source of great change. Relying on absolute knowledge and using the technical knowledge of their colleagues, the personnel and managers of this industrial group can create products that are less visible in domestic and foreign companies with this amount of diversity.


The hard-working staff of Novin Sanatgar Industrial Group companies always believe that a process can always be improved and everything can be done in a method. In this regard, innovation in the products of this group is one of the most important pillars that will reduce implementation and operation costs and increase the quality and quantity of products.

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