Novin Industrial Development

About Us

Automation and Calibration Company in Iran is established in 1997. It contains three separated company right now and all of them are working in name of NID Group.

Novin Industrial Development NID Group‘s main activities are listed below:

1- Calibration Machine Tools and CMMs.

2- Retrofit Machine Tools and Measuring Machines.

3- Service Machine Tools and Measuring Machines.

4- Design and develop Special Machine Tools (SMT) and Automated Product Lines (APL).

5- Design and Develop Special Measuring Machine (SMM) and Special Measuring Gages (SMG).

6- Selling Robots, CMM, Video Measurement Systems.

7- Getting General Contract (GC) for Automation Product lines and Management Contract (MC) of Projects.

The main target of NID Group is Win Win politic. First win for the customers and second for NID Group.
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