Novin Industrial Development

About Us

Our corporate culture reflects our understanding that successful business relationships are built on long term mutual gain, not short-term expediency.

Novin Industrial Development was established in 1997 in Iran, It has done about 30 very big projects in Iranian industrial Field about:

- Automotive part product lines

- Food Industrial product lines

- Testing system for

o Pressuer gages

o Measurement product with vision or contact measurement

o Jerking for assembly systems

o Attraction for automotive critical product (same as torsion bars and some Pitches)

o Balancing test for Homogenous round product

o Leak Test for Cylinder block

- Packing and installation product lines

- Retrofit & Rebuild industrial Machines & Machine Tools

- Training in Automation Field

- Maintenance and repair contract for automotive product lines.

- And Etc…

We believe that this long term mutual gain is founded on sharing risk and responsibility with our clients. Our priority is solving problems for you, not giving you more to worry about.

We also know that forming strategic partnerships with our clients is a key to success. We work together with both your business and technical teams to ensure we deliver high quality solutions to meet the needs of your business. This leaves you in control and able to build competence and knowledge within your own teams. The closeness we develop in our working relationship with your results in reduced risk and increased efficiencies in the projects we support.